Park van der 1857-1943

Afbeelding 8Photo0002

Personal Information

Park van der 1857-1943
Name Catharina van der Park
Birth 03/10/1857 in Castricum. NL
Death 04/03/1943 in Castricum. NL
HusbandTheissling 1849-1922 (10/28/1880 - )


Name Birth Death
Maria Carolina Theisslingasdasds 02/01/1885 in Castricum. NLON 10/17/1918


Name Birth Death
Christophorus Nicolaas Petrus Leeuwenasdasds 08/17/1885 in Schagen (NL) 12/14/1957


Name Birth Death
Harrie Leeuwenasdasds 04/26/1911 in Castricum - NL 09/15/1986
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