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  1. I am trying to find the children of Anton’s brother Gerrit. My mother Henny Hendriksen was engaged to Anton in World War II and he died in her arms. the last thing he said to her was to never forget him. Though she emigrated to the USA, raised a family and is now 94 and still talks about him. Please help me find his brother’s children so I can tell them the story of Henny and Anton.

  2. til now i can find childeren about Gerrit Gosselink. He was married to Antje Zegel. Ron i have send you post on Facebook. Greetings out off Holland.

  3. I’m the grantdaughter of garrit-jan gosselink. He only got 1 daughter, my mother.
    She would be very happy to know more about her family.
    Garrit-jan and Antje zegel lived in Den Helder.

    • Wow Amanda heerlijk dat je ons gevonden hebt. Ik ben al lang naar je familie op zoek. Hiermee maak je niet alleen mij blij. Ik stuur je zo snel mogelijk een mailtje.

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